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Hair Loss Products – What Works Best?

If you are like me, you have tried several types of hair loss products; anything from the pills and creams to the “natural” treatments. Some work, most don’t. That fact is, if you have hair loss, you will try anything to gain it back and suppliers know this! So how do you know if you are buying from a good supplier or if the product is not just some hair loss scam to get your money? I am here to help! Let’s take a look at the most popular questions I get.

Tips to Pick a Good Hair Loss Supplier:

The First tip to tell if any product comes from a good supplier is testimonials. If a site you are on does not have any testimonials, THEN RUN AWAY! This probably means that they did not have any success finding current or past users that had success with the product. You may come across a site that is newer or a newer product so they may not have them but the product is still good, but very doubtful.

The second you want to look for is pictures. Don’t put to much weight on these as anyone can download a good hair loss picture but if they don’t have a single success picture, you may want to move on. They should look natural and not like they were taken and then jazzed up. Some companies require a professional photographer to take the pictures however, so again, you do not want to use this as a strict rule of thumb.

The third and most important thing you want to look for a money back guarantee. If they do not offer a guarantee, then you probably want to shy away from that hair loss site. To me, this says they do not stand behind their product. Guarantees range from 30-90 days. If a site offers a 90 day guarantee, this is your best bet that you found a good product. Anyone willing to let you use their product for 3 months without risk really stands behind the product. They believe that their product works so well, that you will not return it since you are seeing results. Most hair loss products will begin to work within a month or two so if you do not see results after about 80 days, then I would return the product.

This is the criteria I used when looking for a hair loss product and it worked great! I went through about 200 sites including review sites and finally settled on Provillus . They had the proof, they had the pictures and they had the best guarantee out there. There pricing was also less expensive than almost all the competitors. Yes, I did find a cheaper hair loss product but the site seemed shady to me so I decided to pass.

Anyway, Provillus worked great for me as well for my boss as I referred him to the site as well.

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