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2008 Hair Loss Product of the Year

A man is lucky to have friends who will be honest with him about the sensitive hair loss subject. I’m no exception. When I bumped into one of my best friends from high school at a local ball game, I could see the shock on his face when he noticed my drastic hair loss. At first, he smiled and made small talk, but then he got very serious. “Willie,” he said in a hushed whisper that had me leaning close, “you know bald isn’t in. It’s way out.” His lopsided smile wasn’t making fun of my hair loss. I could feel his compassion as he spoke to me. “If you had seen me a few months ago, you’d be thinking that both of us had aged a lot sense high school, but discovering Provillus has changed my life and reversed the hair loss that once plagued me.”

I have tried other hair growth and anti hair loss products, and most of those are scams meant to slip the money out of our desperate hands, so I wasn’t very excited to try another, but Charlie was so adamant that I knew I’d give Provillus a chance.

Were my hair loss reversal results worth it?

You bet! Looking into my mirror today, I don’t see a man ruined by hair loss and old before his time. I see a man who has a lot to offer, a man with a winning smile, a man with shiny hair that commands attention. Never a joke. Never a cruel bald comment. Often, very often, a sexy smile that reminds me I still got it.

Hair loss has a way of taking the excitement out of your life. You know what I’m talking about – I know you do, because I have been there, too. Runs through the park, nights out on the town, dates with interesting people, even family time can be excruciating when you live with the dread that your problems will make you the butt of the joke.

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