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Number One Rated Hair Loss Product of 2008

Does this sound familiar? You get out of the shower, brush your hair, then your teeth and when you look down in the sink, you find hair! Then you look up in the mirror and think “Who Is This Guy?” If you answered yes then you may need some help with a hair loss product.

There are some naturally based products you can get. They range from pills to even shots. Let’s not even get started on plugs or hair transplants. I guess if you have a lot of money to blow, you could consider this as a solution but for me, I had a tight budget and wanted to find a product that worked great but also would not bust the bank. Also, with transplants and shots, there may be significant side effects.

There are shampoos you can buy as well. I tried a few over the counter shampoos and did have some luck but was not to crazy about the results. It did take a while to work and I only grew back about 5% of my hair.

There are some things you can do to prevent some hair loss from happening. Wearing a hat is not one of them! Taking your hat on and off all the time can actually wear on your scalp and cause the roots to die. Remember, hair is actually an organ and needs air to survive as well! A simple free technique that may work for you is to stimulate your scalp. This could be done by yourself, your wife or even a message therapist. Although I found this technique to be “easy” to work, I have heard from some blogs that it did work for a few people. Highly unlikely that it would work but worth a shot if you don’t have a few bucks for the other alternatives.

Keep in mind, not every product will work for every person. You may have to try a few products to find one that works for you but once you do, you will reap the benefits and find new life yourself.

I have provided you with a un-biased review of Provillus ; the one product that worked great for me and one of my friends.

To learn more about Provillus go to http://www.No-More-Hair-Loss.com to see how this product helped me regain not only my hair, but my confindence.

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