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Provillus Hairloss Treatment – Does it Work?

Balding are genetically more sensitive to the effects of the hormone dihydrotestorone (DHT). DHT is believed to shorten the time hair spends in the growing phase. DHT also causes hair to become brittle and lose strength. There are several forms of DHT blockers available today. Provillus hairloss treatment is the latest proven dht blocker.

People used to believe that baldness came from the mother’s side of the family. It has now been proven that hairloss genes can come from either side of the family. By the age of 50 approximately 50% of men will have suffered some degree of hairloss. Hairloss is a genetic pre-programmed condition. While advances are being made in the re-programming of genes, the only way to slow this process down is by using dht blockers such as the Provillus hairloss treatment.

Other treatments that are available for male pattern hairloss are Minoxidil. Minoxidil is also known as Rogaine TM. The downside of Minoxidil is it’s side effects, it’s messy to use and its fairly expensive.

A very effective form of DHT blocker which is taken in tablet form is called Finasteride (PropeciaTM). It is taken once a day and is available by prescription only.

There are also a frightening amount of scams out there that promise to solve hairloss. Hairloss is certainly treatable, but you should be sure that you get good advice and consult with your doctor before committing to a hairloss treatment course.

Provillus hairloss treatment is one of the main ingredients I use to help block those nast DTS’s, which my hair is so sensitive to. I do take other steps to keep my hair in top condition which you can read about on my blog.

Read Tony’s story of his battle with hairloss which begun in his late teens. Tony has used provillus hairloss treatment for several months now and is experiencing great results. procerin vs provillus and other great hairloss information can be found on Tony’s blog

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