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Stop Your Hair Loss – Nutrition That You Need

It is normal for people to shed around 50-100 strands of hair everyday. However, looking at the amount of hair we lose when we brush our hair or when having shower, is quite depressing. There are many reasons and factors for hair loss problem. These include hereditary, stress, hormones, certain medications, lack of nutrition, sudden weight loss and ageing. Whatever the causes are, hair loss problem could affect one’s quality of life. Even so, it doesn’t mean that we are doing nothing to change it. Lack of nutrition is something that we can control. Like the body, our hair also need plenty of nutrients to stay healthy and strong.

The following are nutritions needed to help feed our hair follicles:

Hair is made up mostly of protein, therefore having plenty of protein in your meal will encourage healthy hair growth. However, having protein that high in fat is not recommended. Tofu and soy milk are good source of soy protein. Studies show that soy protein will reinforce hair and stimulate its growth. Other good sources of protein are such as fish, eggs, chicken, yogurt, low-fat milk and cheese and protein found in beans, seeds and nuts.

Vitamin B especially B6, Folic Acid and Biotin
The B vitamins play important part in supporting healthy hair. Biotin is part of B-vitamin family. It is also known as vitamin H. This vitamin has been well known in its ability to support the health of skin, hair and nails. Source of biotin can be found in variety of foods but at low concentration, therefore it is recommend to take biotin as supplement to assist in hair loss problem. Good sources of biotin in food can be found in tomatoes, carrots, walnuts, eggs, onions, almonds, strawberry, raspberry, cucumber, cabbage, and cauliflower. Vitamin B6 is often found in protein-rich foods.

Iron is essential in transporting oxygen in the blood to all parts of the body including our hair. Lack of iron means lack of oxygen in our hair. This also means that nutrients couldn’t reach our hair and its follicles. Foods rich in iron include red meat, liver, lamb, oyster, whole grains, poultry, tuna, broccoli, soy beans, eggs and dark leafy vegetables. Combine these foods with vitamin C for better absorption of Iron.

Zinc plays important roles in growth and development, hormonal balance, proper absorption of vitamins and in protein synthesis. All which are essential in the process of healthy hair growth. Zinc has also well known to control the appearance of dandruff. The number one food source of zinc is oyster and other great source of zinc can also be found in red meat, pultry, pork, beans, whole grains, almond and dairy products.

Trace Mineral Silica
This mineral is one of the most important nutrient for healthy hair. It is important to assist healthy strong connective tissue in the body, which is necessary for healthy skin and stronger hair and nails. However, it is also one of the most difficult to find in our diet. You can find silica mostly in oats, brown rice, root vegetables, barley and leafy green vegetables. Silica also helps in utilizing other minerals such as boron, copper, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, zinc and strontium. Therefore, supplementing yourself with silica will be very beneficial.

Vitamin A, C & E
These antioxidants not only good for skin but will also help in supporting healthy hair. Vitamin A helps to produce healthy sebum in the scalp to prevent dandruff and dry hair. Vitamin C assist in absorption of iron and development of collagen which is important for stronger hair and vitamin E helps to enhance blood circulation to the scalp.

Omega-3 fatty acids
Good source of this nutrient can be found in fish, walnut and flaxseed oil. This nutrient will support scalp health, to reduce swelling in the scalp and increase blood circulation to the follicles.

Try and balancing these nutrients to your diets will definitely improve the conditions of your hair. However, the effect will not just show instantly. It takes around 2-3 month to actually see the results. It may takes a lot of patients, but overall, these nutrients will not just cure your hair loss, but will also improve your skin and health condition. If you have a busy lifestyle and couldn’t manage to balance your diet, taking supplement is highly recommended. One of the supplement that I can recommend is Provillus . I’ve been taking this for almost 3 months. I can see a lot of hair growth and my hair loss has decreased, so this supplement surely work for me.

Slowly massage your head will also help the blood circulation in your scalp to promote faster hair growth. 

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