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Simple Ways to Regrow Hair Exposed

Those who are losing their hair can do two things – they can either accept that you will never regrow hair again, or they can fight back against hair loss and regrow hair with the help of certain regrow hair products.

Whilst most consider hair loss to be a mainly a male disorder, in actual fact, women suffer hair loss just as bad. Luckily women have a better chance of hiding the embarrassment by covering the balding spots with longer hair. Men on the other hand just seem to accept it and cop it sweet.

Have you heard of DHT? It is time to be introduced to your nemesis! In most cases of hair loss, DHT is the sole problem. DHT is produced when a particular enzyme from your scalp mixes with testosterone. DHT then binds to your hair follicles and smothers the hair and root. This smothering effect progressively makes the hair weaker and thinner until eventually your body gives up and stops growing hair from that particular follicle. When this happens all over your head – baldness occurs.

The good news – whilst your hair follicles are damaged, they can most certainly be repaired and you can regrow hair from the follicles. Your body simply needs a rest from the DHT production. The way we stop the DHT production is by taking a tablet called Provillus . Provillus is a non prescription medication, it’s all natural and has an enormous reputation in the hair loss industry. You can play around with these so called wonder shampoos and strange emu oils, but if you are serious about regrowing hair, then Provillus is the solution for you.

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