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Prevent Hair Loss and Regrow Hair For Both Men and Women

It’s natural for men and women suffering from hair loss, also known as Androgenetic alopecia, to seek help with regrowing hair. Men’s receeding hair is caused by the hormone testosterone. When DHT(Dihydrotestoterone) enters the body the hair follicles thins and cuts off the blood flow in the body. The more DHT in the body the […]

Hair Falling Out? You Are Not Facing This Crisis Alone

Hair loss is a devastating problem that affects millions of men and women. Those suffering from this condition must realize that there is hope. Depending on the cause of lose of hair, there are treatments that have been determined to work. Genetics are a cause of many cases of people losing hair, which often times […]

Your Thyroid and Hair Loss – What You Can Do About It

The thyroid is a common part of the body that people have problems with. Most people associate it with causing a person to lose weight or to gain weight. However, the thyroid can also be responsible for hair shedding due to the hormonal effects of it. Some individuals have a thyroid that is over active […]

Procerin in Comparison to Other Hair Loss Products

This will be very unusual to think that Procerin is the only one product available in the market as a hair-care remedy for men. It is common knowledge that people are going to prefer herbal products than chemical ones. As a matter of fact, chemical products are not so efficient for a last long effect, […]

The Life Cycle of Natural Hair Growth

Hair is formed by cell division at the base of the follicle (a tiny pocket in the skin), part of a cycle of growing, resting and falling out. Human hair grows in a continuous cyclic pattern of growth and rest known as the “hair growth cycle”. On average, it takes approximately 33 weeks for your […]

The Major Causes of Hair Loss

The life of a hair is truly a fascinating one. Each hair has a life span of four years on the average. With each hair growing at a rate of approximately one half of an inch per month, each hair grows about two feet during the course of its life. Once the hair dies it […]