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Your Thyroid and Hair Loss – What You Can Do About It

The thyroid is a common part of the body that people have problems with. Most people associate it with causing a person to lose weight or to gain weight. However, the thyroid can also be responsible for hair shedding due to the hormonal effects of it. Some individuals have a thyroid that is over active while others have one that is underactive. Either way though it results in the thyroid being out of balance in relationship to certain hormones.

Symptoms of Thyroid Hair Loss

Thyroid balding is more common in women than in men. This is one of the biggest red flags a person will get that they have a problem with their thyroid. The hair will start to get thinner too which most people don’t readily realize at first. It is the amount of hair that they lose in the shower and in their brush that they notice the most.

Another common symptom of thyroid caused balding is that the hair has a different feel to it. Instead of being soft and manageable it becomes dry and coarse. If the hair is long it will also become very tangled easily. Many individuals also experience the loss of eyebrows in addition to other areas on their body when the thyroid is responsible for the hair growth problems.

Thyroid Hair Loss Diagnosis

In order to help stop the hair loss it needs to be diagnosed as soon as possible. Either a medical doctor or a dermatologist can do blood tests to determine if this is the cause of the hair loss for you. If you have already been diagnosed with a thyroid problem you need to let your doctor know about the hair shedding right away.

Many of the top medications offered for thyroid problems can result in such hair loss. You may be asked to keep taking the medication for a period of time and to monitor the hair loss. Your doctor may decide to change your medication or alter the dosage of it.

Treatment for Thyroid Hair Loss

If you are already taking medication for a thyroid problem you may have to start taking another. This will help to offset the effects of the hair loss. Be prepared though as it can take a great deal of time to get both medications balanced as far a what works well together and the dosage. Since people all react to medications differently that can be a factor as well.


Most people don’t realize that their thyroid can be to blame for their hair loss. Taking the time to get a good medical evaluation is a step in the right direction. If you know that you have problems with your thyroid then you definitely need to talk to our doctor about the hair loss. Don’t just stop taking your thyroid medication as that can result in you suffering from a variety of health problems. Find a good way to treat your thyroid problems as well as to prevent your hair loss. Be proactive in your treatment as well so that you are happy with the results.

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