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Can Provillus Restore Your Hair Loss

Provillus is one of many hair restoration products that contains a completely natural formulation that reduces hormone production to favour the regrowth of hair. The hormone, specifically DHT (dihydrotestostrone) has been frequently linked to being the main cause of hair loss and alopecia in men. Many men and women who have given the product a trial have been amazed at the results. These same men and women had previously tried other products on the market, but never experienced the results that Provillus provided them. Once the production of DHT has been lowered in the hair loss victim’s body, hair follicles begin to spread on the scalp allowing the eventual regrowth of hair.

Although Provillus is technically classed as a medicinal supplement, it does contain FDA Approved ingredients which contributes towards the factors leading to rapid and sustained hair regrowth. The product goes to work on many levels of interaction with the victim’s body, including the immune system and metabolism.

Provillus assists the body’s chemical balance by delivering much needed vitamin B6 to the victims system, which adapts the metabolic rate to encourage hair regrowth. The vitamin B6 (in the form of Pyridoxine Hydrochloride) is absolutely essential to the bodies’ recovery to a state where hair regrowth is possible. The various vital nutrients Provillus delivers into the body assist the hair follicles, helping them grow stronger and more resilient to chemical imbalances in the body. This in turn allows them to rapidly recover to a state in which strong and healthy follicles can and will thrive.

The final active ingredients in Provillus are extracts of Pumpkin Seeds; this seems very unusual until you look into the benefits of these little miracles and historical research.

Aside from being an old remedy for hair loss on their own, pumpkin seeds contain complex amino acids, carbohydrate molecules and polyunsaturated fatty acids, all of which again go towards promoting a healthier body, encourage the regrowth of cells all going towards putting the body closer to a condition to redevelop the ability for growing hair. So this all sounds impressive, but what are the actual facts on the application of the product itself?

They come in two different derivatives, capsules or pills, and more recently have been refined into two differing categories, one for men, one for women. The female option containing a closer concoction of chemicals better matched for their metabolic setup. I hope this article has been useful information towards your quest for hair restoration and I wish you the best of luck in whichever path you choose.

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