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Hair Loss For Men and Women

Hair-Loss treatment. Have you got to the stage where you are looking at your grooming with concern.

Over time it can been a steady approach with thinning and then your best friend mentions what you did not want to hear You are losing your hair. Implant Replant, Transplant, What can I do, Treat it or accept the loss. You want Treatment which is effective and simple: Medical Shampoo.

1. People feel good when their shampoos lather up nicely. The lather does not do any of the cleaning believing that the more lather a shampoo produces, the cleaner our hair must be getting Wrong The ingredients that produce the foam are there for effect only. Other ingredients in shampoos actually do the cleaning. The foamers are harsh and someone who has semore-than-normal hair loss, these foamers should be avoided. Use what will do you hair good

2. Herbal : Now some technical details; The most notable herb with some success in hair loss is Saw Palmetto. Shampoos with this ingredient are certainly worth a try. Saw Palmetto seems to inhibit the production of DHT in men, for example, and DHT causes hair follicles to shrink and close up.

3. Nettle and bay have also been helpful to some people.Some of the old remedies are very good.

4. Oils: These oils are concentrated ones which come from plants such as lavender. From ancient times, these have been used to stimulate healthy hair and to decrease the rate of hair loss. We know that we have much to learn from early medicine men and healers. Perhaps this is another example.

5. Tea Tree Oil: Many swear by this ingredient, and there are several brands of this on the market. So popular are these shampoos, you can find them at most any drug store as well as health product retailers. As an aside, tea tree oil has also been found to be effective in the prevention of head lice infestations.There are no definitive studies to show that shampoos can actually result in regrowth of hair that is caused by what we all “permanent” conditions, largely the result of heredity and hormones. All of the different remedies are available . What is really required is early treatment

The only true answer is to start a recognised treatment Now.

By Bill Morrow

After much research with Provillus , it has been found that, Active Treatment is by far the best for both Men and Women Natural Ingredients, which all help, Early treatment and Prevention is Important.

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