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Are Vitamins a Factor in Hair Loss of Women?

Hair loss of women is not as common as make pattern baldness, but it is still something that many women experience. There are numerous factors that can contribute to hair loss of women such as thyroid issues, scalp issues, pregnancy, genetics, repeatedly starting and stopping birth control pills, hormones, adrenal issues, and so on. In recent years, people have started looking at possible vitamin deficiencies that could be contributing to women hair loss.

There are several vitamins that can directly affect your hair. The first of these vitamins is Iron. An iron deficiency in your body can cause Anemia, which will affect your hair. If you think this could be contributing to your hair loss, consult with a doctor before taking an iron supplement, because too much iron can be just as bad as too little.

Any of the B vitamins as well as protein can also affect your hair. Because of this, many vegetarians who do not get enough protein in their diet will have issues with hair loss. Hair is made of protein so a deficiency of it in the body can retard hair growth. If you think that this might be part of the issue for you, increase your daily intake of protein in your diet.

If you are not quite sure what is causing your hair loss, visit your doctor so that they can assess possible causes and run some tests on your nutrient levels. It may be tempting to take a handful of supplements every day of various vitamins, but this is not at all recommended. Taking a bunch of vitamins when you are unsure what you have a deficiency in can do more harm than good. Treatments such as Provillus for Women has been proven to treat female hair loss. Many have had great results with this product as it can help you re-grow hair that has been lost.

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