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Do You Know What Causes Female Hair Loss?

A full head of shiny and soft hair is something that many women have, and love. Although baldness affects mostly men, more and more women are experiencing thinning of their hair. It can be a very devastating situation for a woman to experience hair loss because it is often attributed with beauty and youth. Products such as Provillus for Women can stop hair loss in women. However, no matter how many products crop up in the market, the best remedy for health problems is knowledge. If we are able to determine what causes female hair loss, we can help prevent it.

The main factor that causes both male and female loss is aging. When a woman reaches the age of forty, the production of hair usually slows. It is normal for women and well as men to shed hair as they grow older. The proper term for this issue is Antrogenetic Alopecia. It is responsible for ninety five percent of the loss for both sexes.

Lack of appropriate nutrition can be another main cause of women losing hair. Recently, hair loss has shown a noted increase at the same time fad diets were on the rise. Because of this, it is not difficult to believe that a lack of nutrition can have something to do with women losing hair.

Overuse of chemicals in the hair or on the scalp can damage the hair and cause hair loss. Products such as hair sprays, gels, and so on over time can prevent hair growth.

Stress is a common factor in all thinning of hair. With the majority of women entering the work force, stress levels are on the rise. Increasing stress can lead women losing their hair.

If you notice that your hair is thinning, or that bald patches are emerging, visit your doctor as this can also be a sign of something more serious.

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