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Hair Loss – Hair Growth Products

If you are a man or a woman and your hair starts to fall out then chances are you may be tempted to try some hair growth products to stop the hair falling out or just to try and make it look thicker. Of course like any other problem in life that you want to resolve, when you first look at it there seems to be an abundance of solutions out there showing you how you can prevent hair loss, and we’ll look at a few of them here.

The main products you will probably have come across will first of all be hair transplants and then secondly some kind of prescription medication. Lets look at these first.

Getting a hair transplant is not cheap, prices vary but it is always in the thousands no matter if your currency is Euros, Pounds or Dollars and more often than not it is a course of treatment and not a one off and these treatments can be painful. For most people then, surgery is not an answer purely down to price.

Prescription medication on the other hand is more accessible, but again there is a downside to this too as some of the medication out there is specifically designed to combat DHT which is caused by too much testosterone and is quite often the cause of hair loss. Because this medication is combating testosterone, there are occasions when it can also effect a mans ability to perform sexually too.

So if those are the main two solutions, and lets be honest neither of them seem that desirable for one reason or another is there anything left that can encourage hair growth? Well if you believe in alternative therapy there is and the best thing is that these products are easy to get your hands on from health stores, grocery stores or supermarkets. So lets take a look at products to prevent hair loss:-

Saw Palmetto – Saw Palmetto has many good properties including helping against prostrate cancer, but it is really coming to light that it helps to fight baldness. Why this is no-one is 100% certain but it is believed that it blocks an enzyme which turns testosterone into DHT

Nettles – Another natural ingredient for combating thinning hair is nettle root extract. Nettle is high in many beneficial properties including vitamins A & C but its main strengths in fighting hair loss is that it again can help excess testosterone and DHT.

Any good supermarket should sell Rosemary and Sage and you want these 2 items in you shopping basket. The reason being is that you can boil these up with some nettles and then use the liquid to wash your hair. What you should find by doing this is that it really cleans your scalp and helps to thicken the hair root by stimulating it.

If getting all of these different products is a bit too much for you, then there is a company that has blended them together to provide a hair growth product called Provillus . This product contains all theses effective ingredients plus others to provide a solution to hair loss. If this is something that appeals to you then there is a full review on Provillus hair loss treatment at howtopreventhairloss.org

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