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Help For Women That Are Losing Hair

In America alone, more than thirty five million women are faced with the difficult situation of hair loss. Women losing hair has been seen as extremely rare throughout history, and many think it only happens in extreme cases of disease or age. A woman’s hair is valued greatly as a symbol of health, youth, and beauty. Because of this, a lot of the women who experience hair loss may deny it and ignore it instead of facing the problem. Women losing hair is not as common as it is in men, but there are many women affected by it.

Unfortunately there are not many solutions available for women who are experiencing hair loss. Most of the products on the market are geared toward men. There are many things that can cause hair loss, with the most common being age. When a woman turns forty, and even sometimes in her thirties or twenties, the body’s production of hair begins to slow. For some women they may not notice the slowed rate, or it may only cause a thinning of the hair. For other women, it can leave bald patches and be very noticeable. Hair loss is very difficult for anybody to deal with, especially if it starts when a woman is very young.

Rogaine has often been considered a popular product for women. Advertisements all over the television are promoting this product, as well as magazines and on the Internet. Rogaine contains Minoxidil, which is one of the most effective hair growth stimulants, and FDA approved. However, Rogaine does not work for everybody, and the topical gel can be inconvenient for many.

One of the best products to use if you are a woman experiencing hair loss is Provillus for women. This product uses multiple approaches to hair loss and has the best chance of working. Many women have already used it and have had great results.

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