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Regrow Hair Naturally – Now There is No Reason to Lose Hair

The most common form of hair loss in men is male pattern baldness. This is so called because your it disappears and is lost in a pattern, with different names given to the pattern and the severity of your loss.

Everyone thinks it will not happen to them until they start noticing their hair falling out and when you do see this it is a real shock. Women are not immune either. By middle age 50% of women suffer some degree of loss. Sometimes it can be as bad as what men suffer because the loss is not localised.

The main cause is DHT. This attacks your follicles until they start shrinking. This is when you start to notice that you are thinning. As your follicles shrink you lose even more and as you do this there is less coverage of your head leading people to think their hair is thinner.

What is really happening is that there is less hair on your head and it is at this stage you should already be taking urgent action to prevent further loss.

What can you do to regrow your hair naturally?

You can take chemical treatments like Propecia or minoxidil which contain FDA approved ingredients. If you take these though your running the risk of suffering erectile dysfunction and impotence if you are a man.

The other solution is with natural treatments like Provillus . These contain DHT blockers and ingredients like saw palmetto which act to to help regrow your hair. Using natural treatment will not only stop your further loss and help regrowth but will do so without the worry of side effects that you get with chemical treatments. Take action today and stop it before it gets worse.

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