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Straight Talk – Hair Loss

Lets get one thing straight about hair loss. Your hair, like your finger nails, are the only parts of your body that can still grow after you die. Think about this for one second, what is the implication of that statement. Your hair is still alive after you die! What this means is that you must think of your hair like it is a crop. Hair follicles like plant seeds, given the proper condition, will grow and if they do not have the proper conditions they will die.

How many of you know people how have a green thumb, every plant in their house and garden are green and healthy and you can’t even grow mold in your bathroom. Why is this? It’s because they understand the needs of every plant that they are growing, some plants need more sun, some more fertilizer, others need damp conditions, and others dry. Hair re-growth products are like super powered fertilizers with vitamin B6, zinc, nettle, the list goes on and on but if you don’t address, like the person with the green thumb, your crops individual needs your not going to get the result your looking for.

Before you attempt to regrow your hair you must take a serious look at what factors have caused your hair loss in the first place. If it’s a hormonal imbalance like male pattern baldness all the fertilizer in the world will not help until your willing to address this fact. Its like trying to grow a herb garden in a dark room. If you have a health problem or stress that is causing your hair to fall out you must address those problems. The fact is that your whole body is like a massive herb garden that the health of one plant can and will effect the health of all the other plants around it. The loss of your hair is a very stressful thing that can be like a cascading effect. Lose your job stresses the body placing extra toxins in your blood stream these toxins end up in your hair causing some of your hair to fallout witch stresses you out more. Certain chemical that you may work with or drugs you may be taking could all effect your hair loss.

The truth is that the healthier you are and the better the choices you make with your health the happier you will be and the better your body will respond to what life has to through at it. How healthy you keep you own personal herb garden ,which is your body, will determine your own personal results. I hope that this article was helpful.

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