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Hair Loss Products For Men and Women

Hair loss products, solutions and remedies

A wide range of products developed to treat hair loss was introduced to the market lately due to the increase in people suffering from this illness. However, these products don’t have the same effect for everyone. Men and women should use different hair loss products specifically created for them, as the causes differ from mail hair loss to female hair loss or thinning hair. When choosing the product, you need to pay attention to the active ingredient, to see whether it’s effective and to avoid side effects as much as possible.

A widely used hair loss product is Provillus , available without a prescription and has proven to be quite effective in the case of male pattern baldness. Provillus was specially designed for both men and women. Provillus is also very effective treatment for women with female pattern baldness.

Minoxidil (Rogaine) is a hair loss product approved as a topical application which works both for women and man and which can be obtained without a medical prescription. There are two versions of the product: a stronger one (5% solution) for men and a weaker one (2% solution) for women. The stronger version claims to accelerate hair growth in only 2 months, while the 2% solution version is a little slower, the results being noticeable in approximately 4 months.

Another way of stopping balding is hair transplant surgery, a medical procedure of attaching healthy hair follicles on the areas affected by baldness. Initially the transferred hair will fall but the healthy follicles will produce new hair in about 3 months and will thereafter resist balding because they are less sensitive to DHT. Although it is a very costly procedure, it is worth the money because the results are on a long term basis.

The market is invaded by all sorts of shampoos and topical applications which are said to be effective. Among all these a well known hair loss product is Nizoral shampoo whose active ingredient is Ketoconazale. Nizoral can be found in two versions: a 2% solution which can be obtained by prescription and a 1% solution which is not recommended.

In conclusion, given the wide range of products you have the possibility of choosing the product that best suits you. However, make sure you identify the active ingredient in the product and try to avoid or to diminish possible side effects, so that the treatment could be effective.


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